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Gallery She’s: Contemporary Art by Japanese Artist for Sale Online

Gallery She’s, founded in 1991, is an art gallery located in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. From renowned artists who are active inside and outside of the country to cutting-edge young creators, we offer a broad introduction of artworks through displaying at exhibitions and selling online.

The encounter with attractive artwork makes your life more fulfilled and abundant. You will feel the taste of the artwork and artists’ implication only by living closely with, see frequently for, touch delicately for and moved internally by, the Art. Also, “Different from others = Individuality” is the big attraction of art, and will be the guideline of modern society which values diversity.

How about starting the life with art?

We, Gallery She’s, handle various artworks full of creativity in different categories include Japanese painting, oil painting, prints, watercolor, contemporary art, sculpture, porcelain and calligraphy. We are looking forward to support your art life.

Gallery She’s, we organize exhibition, display and sell the various artworks from famous artists to potential artists.

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We are selling artworks online with reasonable price. You can choose your special from various choice of oil painting, water color or print.
If you are looking for a EC site of contemporary art of Japanese artists, we are happy to serve you.